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Why Choose Us?

We listen to your needs and desires

We can help you find the type of home, in the area that suits you best. We aren’t buying the home, you are. It’s important that we understand what you need and like, rather than telling you what you should need and like. You want a house with a red door? Well, maybe we won’t find the red door, but we can find the right house that will also look perfect with a red door, and even help you find the right paint for it after you move in!

We know the Twin Cities

Previously, Jennifer worked in local government in the Twin Cities. Jennifer has lived here for 25 years. Sean grew up here. We know the neighborhoods and communities of the metro. Jennifer grew up in western Wisconsin, and couldn’t resist the opportunity to get licensed there in order to “stay in touch with her roots.” Yes, she’s a Packers fan. Sean’s a Vikings fan. But their skills at negotiation keep the disagreements to a minimum!

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We work on our clients’ timeline, not ours

We have the patience to help you through the entire process. We meet with buyers early and are happy to answer any question you may have to make sure you feel comfortable and informed. Our role is to take the stress out of the transaction by guiding you step by step while anticipating and preparing for the next step, rather than reacting to it. With Jennifer’s background in research and analysis, she is detailed and gets the job done efficiently and correctly.

Our clients get our experience and knowledge

We share our knowledge and experience with our clients to help make their transactions smoother and clearer. We have been in the real estate business since 2007, and have learned a great deal along the way. Sean has remodeled 3 of our own homes and helps clients understand the possibilities of a home. We have a pretty good story about tearing out walls… and refinishing wood floors too!

We make buying a house fun!

Buying and selling a home can actually be fun! We know we can help you find the house that fits you, and we know we can find the right buyer for your home who will love and appreciate it as much as you did. We can do all this and have a good time doing it, making it less stressful for you.

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